Acquiring a licence for Distill, or getting your standalone copy

If you are a commercial user, we ask you to acquire a licence to use Distill, or any of its components. By acquiring a licence you have the right to use any of the web servers, which we retrain on newer versions of the Protein Data Bank at least once a year. All the web servers also rely on PDB templates to make predictions. If you prefer to have a standalone version of the servers to use locally, we are happy to provide it to you for free if you are an academic user, or to licence it to you if you are a commercial user. Be aware, though, that we haven't figured out a way to bundle the template-based version of the servers in a way that can be distributed, so for the moment we are only able to give you the ab initio predictors, and for the best results you are better off using the web interface.

For enquiries on any of the above, please email us.