Gianluca Pollastri

Head of Lab,
Associate Professor

Ph.D. University of California, Irvine
M.Sc. Università di Firenze


Manaz Kaleel
Manaz Kaleel
Mirko Torrisi
Mirko Torrisi
Ersi Ni (aka Nils Holgersson)
Maryam Gillani
Maryam Gillani

Past Members

Alessandro Vullo

Postdoc 2004-2009
Ph.D., M.Sc. Università di Firenze
Now at EBI

Ian "Mario" Walsh

Ph.D. UCD 2004-2008, Postdoc 2009
Later postdoc at Uni Padova, Italy Last I heard he was in Singapore..
Catherine Mooney

Ph.D. UCD 2004-2008, Postdoc Nov 2008-Aug 2009
Now Assistant Professor in the School of Computer Science at UCD
Davide Baù
Davide Bau

Ph.D. UCD 2004-2008
Later postdoc at the Centro de Investigacion Principe Felipe, Valencia, Spain

Somewhere in Spain now?
Chresten Søndergaard
Chresten Soendergaard
Ph.D. UCD 2005-2008
Now an industrial pig farmer in Denmark, I'm told

Alberto J. Martin²
Alberto Martin

Ph.D. UCD 2005-2009
Later postdoc at DLab, Chile Still biggering in Chile, I hear
Predrag Kukic
Predrag Kukic
Ph.D. UCD 2008-2012 Now at the University of Cambridge, UK
Quan Le
Quan Le

Ph.D. UCD 2004-2012 Later in Des Higgins' group at UCD
Still in UCD as of 2019
Alessandro Lusci
Alessandro Lusci

Ph.D. UCD 2009-2013 Later in Pierre Baldi's group at University of California, Irvine
Then sold his soul to industry
Claudio Mirabello
Claudio Mirabello

Ph.D. UCD 2009-2013 Now postdoc at Lindköpings Universitet, Sweden
Enrico Rubagotti
Enrico Rubagotti

Ph.D. UCD 2006-2011 Now a hippy in Ecuador, or possibly Colombia.
Prof.Yong-Hong Wang

Visiting Researcher 2006/7
Ph.D. University of Tianjin
M.Sc. Hebei College of Technology

Alessandro Adelfio
Alessandro Adelfio

Ph.D. UCD 2010-2015 Now at Nuritas
Viola Volpato
Viola Volpato

Ph.D. UCD 2010-2015 Now at the University of Oxford.
Badr Alshomrani
Badr Alshomrani

Ph.D. UCD 2013-2018 Now at the the King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST), Saudi Arabia.
Giuseppe Tradigo
Giuseppe Tradigo

Visitor 2010-2011 Now somewhere in Florida, I believe, or perhaps the Florida of Italy.
Daniele Pepe

Visiting Researcher 2010
M.Sc. University of Foggia

Clíona Patricia Roche
Cliona Patricia Roche
lab member 2006/9
Caitríona Corcoran
Caitriona Corcoran
lab member 2005/7
A bird told me she might be controlling flights
Fiona McNally
Fiona McNally
lab member 2005/6

Past short-term visitors

Riccardo Rizzo, ICAR-CNR, Palermo (2010).
Magdalena Bacilieri, Molecular Modeling Section, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Padua (2004).
Alessio Ceroni, Machine Learning and Neural Networks Group, University of Florence (2003).

M.Sc. project students

Patrick Staunton (M.Sc. Negotiated Learning, UCD, 2013)
Oising Walshe (M.Sc. Negotiated Learning, UCD, 2013)
Ronan Webb (M.Sc. Negotiated Learning, UCD, 2012)
Ramon Fallon (M.Sc. Computational Science, UCD, 2008)
Fiona McNally (M.Sc. Bioinformatics, UU Coleraine, 2004)
Breege Doherty (M.Sc. UMS, UCD 2004)

4th year project students

2013/14 Mark Stratford, Shane Dawson
2012/13 Shaun O'Toole
2011/12 Leo Bradley
2009/10 Magdalena Zwieniewicz
2007/08 Patrick Concannon, Laura McConnell
2006/07 Ruairi McGowan
2005/06 Stephen Coyle Rowan, Yibo Hu, Noemi Kuncik, Edward Mackle, Cliona Roche
2004/05 Caitriona Corcoran, Yare Jegbefume, Lee Chien Yap, Elaine Watson
2003/04 Daniel Burke, David Connolly, Christian Kelly, Alex Meehan